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The Vintage Trend You Should Try, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Leo will be *werking* cat-eye sunglasses, of course.
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Change is the only constant—and that saying rings especially true in the world of fashion. Was tie-dye just a 2020 trend? Are biker shorts still a thing? Should you really slip on those skinny jeans? If you're struggling to keep up with what's on-trend, it's always a good idea to turn back time to a past decade.

Let's face it: Vintage fashion will always be in style. However, before you build on your capsule wardrobe to incorporate retro clothing, look to the stars and let them guide your style. To find out which vintage trend each zodiac will naturally gravitate toward, we tapped our favorite astrologer, Lisa Stardust, to learn how each sign can mod-ify their next outfit.


The easily bored and always-on-the-go Aries will love a '70s trend that's as comfortable as it is cute. "Breathable and chic linen shorts will let sporty Aries play hard while looking stylish," says Stardust. Complete the outfit with some chunky Birkenstocks—this fire sign will be ready for anything.


This Venusian sign loves the finer things in life, and therefore will gravitate toward a printed neck scarf. "Taurus rules the throat chakra, so a scarf will be good to cover their necks," explains Stardust.


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"A classic pair of vintage Levi's is perfect for Gemini," shares Stardust, adding that the dualistic sign will love being able to dress them up or down. A pair of heels or white trainers can take this must-have classic in two totally different directions. Decisions, decisions...


Cancer loves nothing more than being all up in their feelings, and a vintage-inspired sweater is just the thing to wear. "A comfy cardigan is great for Cancer to chill and snuggle in throughout the breezy spring days," Stardust confirms.


There's no denying that Leos love to be in the spotlight, so cat-eye sunglasses in a bright and dramatic color will be their ultimate accessory. According to Stardust, this is a "statement look that aligns with their feline ancestors." Tie it all together with an attention-grabbing lipstick before heading out the door.


Our resident astrologer recommended a timeless trench coat for this sophisticated, practical sign. Virgo can look as put together as they are while they check off yet another item on their to-do list.


"A floral dress in a light fabric is the perfect ensemble for Libra who lives life in a fairytale and yearns to escape to lovely places," says Stardust. Take this dreamy look to the next level with a set of pendant necklaces.


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An embroidered blouse with a statement collar is a match for Scorpio, as they never shy away from standing out. According to Stardust, they'll rock this look "as it'll demand they get the respect they crave." Pair the vintage top with an edgy leather blazer for a unique spin on a classic piece.


When adventure calls, Stardust says a basket bag should be on the arm of every Sagittarius so they can put all their necessities and souvenirs in it. This fire sign can explore to their heart's content while looking stylish as ever.


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"Being a winter sign, Capricorns need shielding from the sun," says Stardust. So, what better vintage trend to adopt than a wide-brimmed hat? This responsible sign can protect their skin from the sun and make a statement at the same time.


To match Aquarius's unique style, Stardust suggests a mod mini dress in a bright print. Fun, colorful, and one-of-a-kind—this will be their new go-to outfit.


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Puff sleeves were practically made for the romantic Pisces, and Stardust says they can boost their innate nature. Pisces can express their artistic self by filling their whole closet with puffy blouses and dresses as this trend is the fish's official uniform.