Leonora Epstein
May 05, 2016 10:00 am

1. This daisy watch necklace, to remind you that time doesn’t need to be told on a screen.

2. This barrette made of Guatemalan worry dolls because remember how you used to tell them all your secrets?

3. This “Whatever” headband that Cher Horowitz would probably not approve of but in HER OWN immortal words: WHATEVER.

4. This unbelievable vintage Britney T-shirt…if it weren’t $227 🙁

5. Stick-on earrings because maybe this time THEY WILL STICK, DAMMIT.

6. This Spice Girls keychain because you are the missing sixth Spice Girl.

7. This Tommy Hilfiger clear backpack with matching water bottle, because Aaliyah.

8. These adorable mirror keychains because hello: SO HELPFUL for when you need to closely examine something no larger than an inch.

9. This NSYNC lunchbox because it’s incredibly versatile. It can carry your lunch or not-your-lunch.

10. These floral Dr. Martens, because they are just downright dope AF.

11. This sweatshirt that says “girls rule,” because they do indeed rule.

12. And this Lisa Frank binder…because could you imagine rolling up to a meeting with this? SLAY.