Beauty and the Beast might be a movie, but in real life, Vanessa Hudgens’ dress is giving us major Plumette vibes. Sure, she didn’t star in the new live-action movie or voice a character in the original, but she is nailing the feather duster character’s style.

On Monday, Hudgens stopped by the Today show to perform “Reminding Me” with singer Shawn Hook. Together, the two totally nailed it, and it really makes us wish the Powerless actress would release her own album.

Although we could listen to Hook’s new single on repeat — including Hudgens’ amazing vocals — we can’t stop geeking out over her look. She donned a sassy little number during her performance that is reminiscent of Plumette.

We know what you’re thinking…Plumette is a feather duster, and that’s not a compliment, but you’re wrong. We LOVE this character, and Hudgens’ style definitely matches her sassy flare.

She sings, dances, dusts, and has feathers to spare…what’s not to love?

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Plus, if you think about it, the High School Musical star’s top-knot hairstyle does resemble that cute maid hat Plumette dons in the 1991 film.

But most of all, it’s the flirty feathers we’re loving — and they are SO Plumette.

If you’re not convinced by the comparison to the animated feather duster, take a look at the live-action Beauty and the Beast’s take on Plumette.

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

The 28-year-old actress basically sported a sexier version of this iconic look.

Her fierce short frock with gorgeous blue and black tones is SO stunning.

Vanessa’s outfit may be way more stunning than the Disney Character’s style, but we love both these ladies’ feathered looks.

The Grease Live! star does have a killer voice, so who knows? Maybe one day in the future she’ll get to play the giggly Plumette.