Word on the street is that the most romantic (see: annoying) day of the year just around the corner. No, not my birthday, but Valentine’s Day! Sigh. (Or yay if you are one of the few people with amazing plans.)

To celebrate, some people go to “fancy dinners” or “buy chocolates” or “get flowers delivered at work,” but all of that is played out, IMHO. Whether you’re single, in a relationship or just DGAF about V-day, there’s one thing we should all get ourselves on this day of love: a new bra. That’s right, a gorgeous new bra just for you and just because you deserve it and just because this day makes us rabbit hole about our relationship status which is just stressful for no reason.

Let’s fight back against that whole love angst thing and focus on the self. There is nothing more SENSUALE than buying beautiful underthangs for the person you love the most: YOU. And a bra works so hard supporting your boobs, no matter what cup size you are — you might as well buy a brand new pretty one! Also, I don’t know about you but when I get a new bra, I automatically feel even more amazing than usual. I call that, BRA-FIDENCE. Now that I’ve convinced you, let’s all skedaddle to True & Co. to see which brassieres catch our eyes. I’m obsessed with this strappy bandage-style “Bond” bra. It’s even red aka the power color.

I also love the below lacy balconette style..

And this pink and black “Stardust” one, which I would definitely wear underneath a see-through lace shirt.

Your boobs are going to be SO happy. So really, who needs romance on Valentine’s Day? In the immortal words of Donna: