Teri Wilson
Updated Apr 12, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
Credit: Twitter/Vogue China

Forever on the cutting edge of fashion, Victoria Beckham recently posed for a gorgeous new photo spread in Vogue China’s May issue. Just the other day, she posted an Insta with a sneak peak of the pics, and TBH they’re pretty amaze. We just love the artistic black and white dance vibe.

Some people were amazed on a completely different level, though. It seems that in one of the pics, Beckham is sporting a rather, um, awkward thigh gap. So awkward that it can’t possibly be real. The Internet jumped all over it, immediately labeling it a Photoshop fail.

Others, however, aren’t buying it. Surely that’s just Posh Spice’s undies…oops, I mean knickers. She’s a Brit, after all.

Meanwhile, others don’t see anything at all. (Although, we’re not sure we believe you, Frank Lomax. We see that winky face.)

So is it really a Photoshop mistake, or is it simply an optical illusion? We’re betting on the latter. Either way, Victoria is stunning in Vogue China. I mean, look at this glorious cover:

Her legs are also looking pretty glorious. Beckham has been taking ballet classes lately, and it shows.

No strange gaps here. Nope. None at all.