Erin Mallory Long
August 30, 2013 2:00 pm

Here is a list of things I love: television, t-shirts, the 1990s, 1990s television and tee shirts OF 1990s television.

So for this installment of TV Screen Printed I bring you: ’90s TV Tees.

Previously I’ve gone through Game of Thrones tees and Saved By the Bell tees but now we’re just focusing on some good old ’90s TV tees.

First up: Salute Your Shorts.

I used to watch a ton of Nickelodeon. So Hey DudeSalute Your ShortsYou Can’t Do That On Television and like, Roundhouse were my life.

I never attended sleepaway camp but had I, I would have wanted it to be exactly like Camp Anawanna. Also, I only know giraffes have black tongues from Salute Your Shorts and I definitely made a pair of acorn earrings because of the awesome ones Z.Z. makes at camp.

From Skreened, $28.99

I think even Ug would approve.

And now, we have Full House. I don’t think it was possible to be a child of the ’90s without watching Full House. Sure, everyone finds Michelle annoying and sometimes Joey is a little creepy but I think we can all agree…Uncle Jesse is HOT. Here on Busted Tees you can have an amazing tee shirt featuring a play on Uncle Jesse’s catchphrase “Have Mercy.”

Busted Tees, $20

Just like Tracy Jordan, I love wordplay, so this is right up my alley. I haven’t gotten it yet but rest assured, I will.

And here is one of my favorite things from the 1990s, everyone’s favorite sarcastic teen: Daria. Daria and Jane’s favorite show is Sick, Sad World and with this t-shirt, you can also proudly support it.

Red Bubble, $24.54

It comes in a bunch of other colors but I personally think this green is the best.

Now, this is a show from the ’90s that I definitely watched minutes of but didn’t watch the entire series of until much later: Twin Peaks. One of the reasons I was interested to watch Twin Peaks was Cher Horowitz’s line, “I’m having a Twin Peaks experience” when Elton is hitting on her but I quickly grew to love it in its own right.

Threadless, $19.50

Now, this photo of me wearing this shirt is from November of 2011 when I took a photo of myself every day to track how often I was wearing my clothes. (It was actually quite helpful to make me realize what I should get rid of.) So here is an awkward elevator mirror selfie of my 2011 self wearing this shirt complete with owl pin.

And finally, I present you the ultimate in ’90s TV Tees: the ’90s Heartthrob tee.

Busted Tees, $20

For all your ’90s heartthrob needs. Love Leo? He’s there! More of a Dawson girl? He’s there too? Do you love Andrew Keegan, NPH, Luke Perry and Rider Strong? DON’T WORRY, THEY’RE ALL ON THERE.

I own this lovely shirt and adore it. It’s got a great color scheme and obviously a great design.

So there you have it, another edition of TV Screen Printed has come and gone. Want me to find some tee shirts for a specific thing for you? Just ask! Leave a comment and maybe I’ll scour the internet for the best tees for you!

(Images via the websites they’re attributed to or my own)