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I have spent almost two decades looking for a perfect bra — that is is a lot of years and a lot of searching. When you surpass a DD, most stores dwindle in any if not all selection. It is not until recent years that companies have begun to cater to expanded sizes, and Trusst Lingerie is not only an option for fuller-busted women, but a leading company with the patent-pending technology and design of their products. A typical woe is sacrificing style for support, but Trusst offers both, with all-day, underwire-free comfort and fashionable designs.

Trusst started out as a two-woman operation, founded by Laura West and Sophia Berman. After reaching their $80K Kickstarter goal, they expanded to a six-woman team, with three bra styles being offered in their online store.

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Read below to learn how Trusst started with a dream, their process, and what’s in store for 2017!

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HelloGiggles: Tell us about the birth of Trusst. How did you ladies come together?

Laura West and Sophia Berman: We were friends and designers, sick of the pain and discomfort of underwires. As fuller-busted women, we wanted to use our talents and passion for design and innovation to create something completely new and different in the bra landscape.

HG: How did it feel to surpass triple of your original Kickstarter goal?

LW and SB: Amazing. It was an incredible feeling to have people from all over the world interested in and excited about our work. We had so many women cheering us on. It was very encouraging.

HG: The design took upwards of 300 prototypes, how did you ladies persevere?

LW and SB: A lot of coffee! But more seriously, our daily mantra and company ethos/tagline, supporting the worlds favorite assets, really rings true throughout all of the work that we do. Our goal is to empower women through new technologies, through not just fashion, but science. We believe that a great bra is the key to any woman’s wardrobe, and that feeling supported and comfortable in your lingerie is the key to confidence. Our passion to help women, and relieve the pain points that so many women are facing on a daily basis from unsupportive bras, is really what keeps us going.

HG: Trusst is all about underbust support. Do you see a strapless design in the works?

LW and SB: Yes, definitely! A good strapless bra is crucial to every woman’s wardrobe!

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HG: Do you think 3D printing could eventually replace shapewear?

LW and SB: It’s a possibility, however, there are currently limitations on the materials and the speed of 3D printing. We used it for our prototyping, to help us define our designs in a rapid and efficient manner. It’s definitely a good process for that. 3D printing enabled us to design at low volumes and make quick changes to our designs to test multiple versions of different ideas. However, we do not manufacture with 3D printing yet — we use other manufacturing processes that are faster and more cost effective.

HG: Is there any chance of a brick and mortar Trusst store in the future?

LW and SB: We currently have a pop-up store in the Galleria of Mt. Lebanon (in Pittsburgh) for the month of December. We’ll see how that goes, but we definitely love the idea of more personal interactions with our customers because we understand how important the try-on experience is for buying the right fit and style. We’re definitely exploring options for more brick and mortar.

HG: Do you have any words out there for the women struggling with bra shopping?

LW and SB: Definitely make sure you measure yourself (or have someone measure you if you’re in store) per the brands standards. They have creating sizing rules for a reason, to make sure you are fit in the most appropriate size possible for that brands products. Trusst bras fit a bit differently, because of our patent-pending support system, so make sure you use our sizing calculator and/or reach out to us if you have any questions!

We definitely TRUSST these ladies with our assets! For more info and to purchase your bra of the future, visit their website!