Gabi Conti
Updated Jul 25, 2014 @ 12:36 pm

When I think lingerie. I think Britney Spears. Let’s be honest, Britney Spears basically invented the thong. Okay that’s probably not true, but Britney Spears proved that good underwear is worth showing off. Remember when she was like: “You know what? Let me just wear my thong over my jeans in a video and call it fashion?” And it worked.

Yeah, she can pull that kind of thing off. That’s why it’s so fitting and exciting that she’s decided to release her own lingerie line.

Most of Britney’s iconic outfits included a bra of some sort, which growing up we all tried to replicate until our parents were like,”There is no way you’re leaving the house like that.” And that is why we trust Brit to make lingerie. Because she gets it, wearing them, not wearing them, putting them over jeans, Brit knows what’s up.

Britney tweeted a “sneak peak” of her line, which is appropriately called, The Intimate Britney Spears. Her tweet included this image of her design:

I love how this bra set has sexy see-through details. It looks like she’s going for a very sophisticated and somewhat retro look with her high-waisted bottoms. Nothing makes a curvy girl feel hotter than showing her waistline. I really love what she’s going for. That’s the only image there seems to be for her line, aside from the line’s website, which includes a corset in the logo. Corsets eh? Can we bring those back? Who needs spin class or Spanx when you can just hide it all in a corset?

The site says her line is coming September 9th in the US and Canada and the 26th in Europe. Just in time for back to school! And by school I mean college, where it seemed like all of the theme parties included lingerie of some sort.

The Intimate Britney Spear’s Facebook page includes a quote from the performer, “Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she puts on.” True that. We can’t wait to see what the rest of her line will bring. You can sign up for exclusive access and updates on The Intimate Britney Spear’s website. But ugh, come on Brit, just give us more!

(Image via here and here)