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Updated Sep 28, 2016 @ 3:01 pm
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More and more it feels like “wedding season” is broadening into late fall. It’s a great idea: Fall has superior weather, an amazing color palette, and of course, CIDER! And nothing says, “‘Til death do us part” better than a Halloween wedding. To complete the theme, every corpse bride needs a ghastly gown of haunting proportions. Some brides go for noire-on-noire, while others embrace the quirky. Throw in a couple pumpkin centerpieces and some sugar skulls and you’re good to go! So grab your boo, because these spooky dresses are simply bewitching! (Note: all of the candids came from real Halloweddings!)

A wedding on October 31st is the perfect excuse to wear black mesh.

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All the classy ghosts have grey-washed dresses.

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TFW bae reminds you of Michael Keaton.

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Pinning this for my Penny Dreadful-themed nuptials. I see you, Vanessa Ives!

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Black crinoline is the #1 Hallowedding courture essential

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Whoever said that purple and green are the unofficial colors of H-ween deserves an award.

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FYI: Broom not included.

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Gotta feel like cemeteries are a cheap (and totally dope) wedding venue.

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For Tim Burton superfans only.

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If your style is more Vera Wang.

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These are from her 2014 Gothic Wedding collection.

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Yass gurl work the black veil.

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*Cue creepy carousel music.

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Day of the Dead vibes.

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Completing the look with the grey hair trend!

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Cady Heron really had that whole “ex-wife” costume down! To all the Halloween brides this October, we salute you. Because, all month the answer to “what are you going to be for Halloween?” will be “married.”