Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Just because you’re a supermodel and tasked with wearing a diamond encrusted fantasy bra on national television doesn’t mean that people still won’t find a way to hate on you. But you have to brush it off, just like Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes, who was accused of skin bleaching this week. Think about it: even Tookes’ burgeoning career doesn’t mean that she’s immune from haters and negativity, so how can everyone else? If anything, her response to the trolls is something to remember.

When Tookes posted a video of herself rocking this year’s fantasy bra, one ‘fan’ took it upon herself to accuse Jasmine of bleaching her skin. Tooke’s Instagram post was fun and light and totally unexpecting of the jab that was to come. She captioned her pic, “12 more days until I get to wear this masterpiece down the runway.” But one Instagram user took it upon themselves to throw shade about Tooke’s shade. Responding to another fan who was trashing Jasmine’s complexion, the fan wrote, “I think she bleached herself she used to look black.”

The Insta-hater was referring to Tooke’s seemingly lighter complexion in her video rocking the Swarovski crystal-embellished fantasy bra. Haters won’t bring Jasmine Tookes down, though! The supermodel responded about an hour later writing,

We love that Jasmine clapped back and explained the variations in her skin tone throughout the year. People of color are notoriously underrepresented in fashion and beauty, so it may just be that people aren’t awake to the fact that Tookes’ skin, like everyone, can look different at different times. Like under heavy lighting. Or, just like white people tan, people of color tan and lighten based on the seasons as well. It’s rather simple, really. Nothing to see here, people.

We know Jasmine is going to look #amazeballs in the fantasy bra and we’re glad she’s not letting keyboard warriors bring her down. Check out Jasmine rock the runway along with her fellow angels during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 5. We sort of can’t wait for it.