Everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl star is back and will soon be our girl-crush on Twin Peaks. That’s right, Jessica Szohr will be appearing in the 2017 Twin Peaks reboot, David Lynch’s tree-filled masterpiece.

Szohr showed up to the show’s Hollywood premiere on Friday rocking a blue and gold jumpsuit by Tara Jarmon, which is a color combination you don’t see very often, but on Szohr it makes us wonder — why isn’t it everywhere?!

The unique jumpsuit is an appropriate outfit to wear to the premiere of one of the most unconventional and highly influential TV shows of the last 30 years.

Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

The floral pattern of the gorgeous jumpsuit looks like something that Audrey would caress her face with in the original Twin Peaks series (and possibly the reboot?!). You can get this outfit here for $420.

Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

While we got a quick flash of Szohr in the elusive trailer for the reboot, her role in the series is still as much a mystery as basically everything else about Twin Peaks.

In the same trailer, eerily titled “It’s Happening Again,” we see some familiar faces, including Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and timid clerk Lucy Moran (played by Kimmy Robertson). The newer faces include the likes of jumpsuit queen Szohr, but there’s no sign of previously announced Twin Peaks newbies Michael Cera or Naomi Watts.

Also noticeably absent from the trailer is the famous Log Lady, played by Catherine Coulson, who sadly died before the revival’s airing but was able to film scenes for it.

While attendees of the Twin Peaks premiere were reportedly under strict command to keep all information about the revival secret, the one quick viewing we get of Szohr in the trailer gives us some clues.


We see Szohr seated next to veteran character Shelly Johnson, so maybe she’s playing her daughter? Or a fellow employee of the Double R Diner? We have so many questions, but one thing is for sure: That gold and blue jumpsuit is wonderful and we would like one to wear while watching Twin Peaks, please.