Angelica Florio
Updated Mar 26, 2017 @ 3:17 pm
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Okay, we have found the perfect ruffle shoulder T-shirt to go with the Topshop clear-knee mom jeans and Gucci sock sandals that everyone is ~wearing~ right now. (And by wearing, we mean totally freaking out about because fashion is taking some crazy turns!)

ASOS is selling what it calls a T-Shirt with Washed Band Print and Exaggerated Ruffle ($38) in its “Festival Grunge Girl” category, and we have a lot of questions because WHAT IS GOING ON WITH IT?

Let’s break this down.

Okay, it’s a band T-shirt, got it, but which band? It’s definitely not Nirvana or Pink Floyd because those names involve vowels and it looks like this band’s name is made up of only consonants. As Racked pointed out, it’s almost definitely not a real band, which is fine, we can handle it, but then there’s the elephant in the room (more like an “exaggerated ruffle” in the room) that we must address.


Props to this model for wearing the most confusing shirt ever and still looking totally flawless!

Credit: ASOS

The ruffle appears to be a tutu-sash thing that wraps all the way around the shirt over one shoulder.


So basically it’s looks as if a very short tutu was either flung onto your body, or a person wearing the consonant-band’s shirt decided to put a tutu on but wanted to put it on over their head rather than stepping into it and pulling it up but then got tired and decided to leave it on their torso.


Is that what we’re going for here, ASOS? The description of the “She’s With The Band,” collection, where this shirt can be found, says,

Well, they did have a vision and they did take a risk, and isn’t that what fashion’s all about?

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Is it a skirt? Is it a shirt? Is it even a real band? Who knows! It’s ~fashion~ and maybe we are asking too many questions when we should really just be laughing because c’mon, it’s pretty darn funny.