Credit: @glitterandlazers

We consider ourselves basically obsessed with all things Instagram fashion. We thought we knew every fashion Instagram worth following! So when we were scrolling and came across this totally stunning fashion Instagram, we immediately fangirled. We mean it: this is one stylish person you have to follow on Instagram.

Meet Glitter, whose bio reads, “plus-size fashion, fitness, travel. Yogi, runner, and wine drinker” (aka, our soul sister). With 123k followers and basically the best ~smize~ we’ve ever seen, she’s seriously influential in the world of style, and we have all the heart eyes.

Like, seriously. How amazing is this? Our all-black-everything souls are SPEECHLESS.

And, like, guys. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS LOOK?!

But we’re 100% digging this babe’s play with texture, too. We *dig* these sparkles!

And we’re head over heels for these bright, vivid patterns and colors.

And we’re seriously craving some swingy, hyper-feminine skirts to add to our wardrobes!

Ugh, teach us your ways! We seriously need to step up our game.