Christina Pellegrini
Updated Aug 27, 2017 @ 1:13 pm
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We’ve all heard the saying that fashion is subjective. For us, it’s not rare to question some of the clothes we see come down the NYFW runway. But there are some lines you just don’t cross, and this blooper is pretty yikes-worthy. Miu Miu, Italian fashion house Prada’s little sister label, just pulled some of its pre-fall collection due to a pretty inexcusable mixup.

According to The Cut, Miu Miu pulled several clothing pieces featuring five-pointed yellow stars from stores. People slammed the embellishments — which depicted the name “John” in the center — on social media.

Many claimed the star patches looked like badges that Nazis forced the Jews to wear during the Holocaust.

Similarly, the yellow Holocaust-era badges resembled six-pointed Stars of David, emblazoned with the word “Jude” in the center. (“Jude” is the German word for “Jew.”)

The backlash began when a blogger, who goes by the name Jewish Chick, called the designs into question on Facebook. She first spotted a plaid dress featuring the patch in a Canadian store, then snapped a photo. Within a couple of days, the post was viral.

Luckily, Miu Miu quickly realized its mistake.

Preia Narendra, the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Miu Miu, issued a statement about the offensive items of clothing.

Everyone makes mistakes. But in a world where neo-Nazis very much exist, we can never tread too lightly around these topics.

Thankfully, Miu Miu took the right steps to get those clothes off the racks.