Cat people of the world, join hands and rejoice, for this week one brave, beautiful and luxurious cat went where no cat has gone before: New York Fashion Week.

That’s right – on February 10th, a cat walked the catwalk (how many people have made this joke already?) in Tracy Reese’s Fall 2013 show, begging the question: is Tracy Reese the ultimate cat lady? I don’t think so. She only gave the cat one lap down the runway, a grave injustice in my book. I would have created at least 30 or so outfits for cats and gotten rid of the models altogether, but I get it. We can’t always get what we want.

According to BuzzFeed, the cat was there as part of a partnership with Purina, who is launching a new type of cat food, and also some initiative for feline leash training. That pretty much has zero to do with Fashion Week, but frankly I don’t care if it means throwing a cat into the mix. Also to the leash training point, I can tell you right now that it does NOT work. Trust me, I’ve tried many, many times. Those weird men in Central Park with the leashed cats are anomalies.

You might be wondering why I am reporting on this; I’m a makeup artist, and cats in fashion shows have little to do with this. But, I am also one of the world’s foremost cats lovers, as proclaimed by myself, my mom, my mom’s cats and my boyfriend. Over my lifetime, I have had five cats. “That’s a lot of cats, and you seem like a young woman,” you might say. I am, thank you for saying that. So here is my explanation: all of them died horrible, untimely deaths, though might I add, through no fault of my own. They got kitty cancer and stuff like that. Despite this road paved with loss and heartbreak, I have held onto my unwavering love of cats. At least 40% of my Instagram feed is pics of my mom’s three cats being silly, and of the 60 blogs I follow on Tumblr, 10 of them are cat related.

I feel great pride for the feline community for its successful fashion crossover, though I can’t say it’s surprising. Cats are uncannily similar to those populating the high fashion community – kind of rude and will legit walk away from you when you’re trying to get their attention.

Lastly, for any of you who still think I might be a cat killer, I did have one cat who lived to be 21 years old, but he didn’t like my dad and used to pee on his pillow, so I had to give him to my grandparents. He just died last month but he had a good, long life. Rest in peace, Mandarin.

I will leave you with a photo of my mom’s cat, Cleo enjoying a delicious salad. Cleo is very much alive, probably due to her healthy diet.

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