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Credit: HelloGiggles/Gina Vaynshteyn

Hey you, reader. We just started a new column called Hey, Where’d You Get That, because how many times have you stopped a stranger on the street, or turned to a friend or co-worker and asked, “Hey, where’d you get that?” If you’re reading this, we’re guessing this happens frequently. Which is why we’ll be showcasing the “street” and “office” style of the HelloGiggles community. The staff and contributor network of HelloGiggles has an eclectic style — no human dresses the same, or frequents the same stores. And rather than get hung up on labels and brands and trends, we want to talk about the way clothes make us FEEL. There is so much emotion tied to the way we dress, and we want to share that intimate style narrative with you. Wanna submit your #OOTD story? E-mail us at pitches@hellogiggles.com!

Is there a word for finding, at long last, your dream leather jacket? The feeling is so unequivocal, it becomes a moment you’ll remember forever. For once, the leather drapes your body effortlessly, its sleeves long enough for your gangly arms, but not too long. It doesn’t have too many unnecessary zippers, and its shoulders aren’t severe for your frame. The jacket is the perfect length, and you know deep in your heart and guts it will go with every single vintage tee and floral dress you own.

I found My One at The Grove in Los Angeles; at Zara, specifically. I had been looking for a leather jacket for years! Ever since I discovered The Ramones, the love Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain had for each other, and The Outsiders in middle school, I understood my way to exterior coolness was with some badass leather. I would never be a cool girl, but one day I knew that I could walk into the room and feel like a bad bitch. I just needed the perfect leather jacket.

And I had searched everywhere for one. Ebay, vintage shops in San Diego and on Melrose, Wilson’s leather! Friends’ closets! I forked over thirty bucks here and there to test drive a synthetic leather jacket from Forever 21 or Target (each time was disappointing and left the inside of my arms smelling bitter), but I knew I was really holding out for something real and true.

I learned about Zara’s leather jackets at a nail salon in Hancock Park. The manager of the shop was wearing a sleek moto leather jacket that was punk and effeminate and tough. Most importantly, she looked confident, and god I could use more of that.

“Where did you get your leather jacket?” I asked.

“Zara, fifty percent off! I’m not sure if the same one is still on sale, but I bet you can find a similar jacket on Ebay, or their site,” she told me.

I was so excited, I drove straight to Zara’s and popped in the two-story shop. Within minutes, I found it, like I would in a rom-com. The jacket wasn’t a replica of the one from the nail salon, but it was close. Made of sheep’s skin, the jacket was soft, and wasn’t stiff when I tried it on; it hugged me, and felt good on my limbs. It wasn’t too big, or too small. And it definitely wasn’t on sale, but care I did not. Cue Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This.”

Credit: HelloGiggles/Gina Vaynshteyn

Anyway. I wear my leather jacket pretty much whenever I can. It goes with everything; it makes me feel powerful and unfuckwithable. Today, I wore it with a new button up shirt I also find at Zara. It’s embroidered, and slightly shorter in the front. The sleeves don’t come down all the way — it’s almost awkward and doesn’t work, until it does. The button up is one of my favorite staples for the office/my existence. It’s dressy, but you can play around with it and add jewelry to add more personality, or pair it with a high waist skirt. You can be anything you want to be in a button-up.

Today’s identity: HelloGiggles Editorial Director on five hours of sleep because she’s been binge-watching Black Mirror.

Credit: HelloGiggles/Gina Vaynshteyn

Today I decided NOT to tuck the shirt into my jeans, which are a pair of black skinnies from Urban Outfitters. Those will go with literally anything you own, and they are comfortable and stretchy and very very tight. They also cut off above your ankles, which is a look I’ve been very much into this year and last.

I wore a new pair of mules I had been trying to break in (pro-tip: petroleum jelly. Apply generous portions on your toes and heels.) for a couple weeks. When I saw these were on sale on Myrtle LA’s website, I impulsively bought them because they were the puzzle piece that had been missing from my wardrobe (I mean, I say that about pretty much all impulse buys, but whatever). I loved their ever-so-slightly pointyness which seemed adult, and heel strap that still made them cazj. I wanted to bottle up their deep blue Silverlake boutique hue and ritualistically spill it over all my possessions. Plus. They had a that je ne sais quoi that made them different than the rest of my shoes.

And since I need glasses to see, I recently bought a pair of black glasses from Warby Parker, which I discovered is WAY cheaper than Lens Crafters. They’re big and bold and chic nerd and I’m pretty sure Kelly Oxford has the same pair.

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