Meaghan Kirby
December 06, 2016 2:13 pm

This year, some of our favorite ’90s trends made a major comeback. From floral patterns to crop tops to flannel, 2016 had our closets looking a lot like 1996. Always one to be right on trend, retailer giant Forever 21 saw many of our favorite trends at crazy affordable prices.

Of our favorite ’90s trends, chokers seemed to be least versatile. There’s only so much you can do with a choker, right? Forever 21 wouldn’t be the retailer we know and love if it didn’t know how to take a trend to the ~next level~.

Forever 21 revealed a choker so outlandish, the internet is going crazy:


The very thick choker, which is, unfortunately, not for sale online, was an accessory on a model who was sporting the brand’s Stars Wars Baseball Jersey (which is super cute, and you can buy it for $24.90). It seems, however, that the jersey has been overshadowed by the outlandish choker, which has been likened to a neck brace on social media.

While we like to consider ourselves to be fashionable people, there are some trends we just…can’t picture ourselves following. Twitter users have been calling the “Neck Brace” choker one trend too far but we can’t help but think that the trend could be useful in other ways. For instance, It ~may~ be a reasonable alternative to a real neck brace, in the case of a neck injury or is better off as part of a halloween costume. Perhaps the choker is a bit more severe than other chokers because the look is Star Wars themed?