Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Feb 03, 2017 @ 1:30 pm
Credit: Etsy

Like most of us, we have a thing for the teensy-tiny, and one thing we’re definitely loving right now is teensy earrings. Since constellation earrings began their takeover, these little guys are high on the list of trends expected to own 2017, which we’re clearly here for. Of the many unique earring trends that started taking over at the end of 2016, this was one of our faves! It’s so simple, so easy, and totally affordable.

Especially considering our not-so-secret love for minimalist fashion, these teensy earrings are the perfect way to keep things subtle yet trendy. And what better way to draw attention to your teensy tattoos than with earrings to match?!

All of our faves are definitely embracing edgy minimalism via teensy earrings this year, from Zoë Kravitz…

…to Shay Mitchell…

…to Yara Shahidi.

Here are just a few pairs of our favorite tiny earring combos to help you steal their style!

Whether you wanna give the single-earring look a try, or play on going for the very much beloved constellation earrings, this is a great place to start.

1This silver ear cuff ($10)

2This star and moon pair ($18)

3These thick, silver bar earrings ($14)

4And this gold bar earring set ($29)

5This pair of “diamond” earrings ($10)

6These teensy triangle earrings ($8)

Credit: Etsy

7This variety of geometric studs ($11.50)

8These rose gold eye studs ($16)

Credit: Etsy

What do you think of the tiny earring trend?