Great things can emerge out of simple misunderstandings. Like a bunch of teens wearing croissants to prom instead of corsages, for example. While croissants aredelicious, they’re not exactly part of the traditional prom attire. Yet.

Here’s what happened: A teenage boy was texting with his prom date and asked if he needed to buy a croissant. Of course, he meant to write “corsage,” which is a reasonable question, considering most teenagers don’t have tons of experience with prom before they actually attend one. But since he mistakenly referred to the tiny bouquet of flowers as a buttery, flaky viennoiserie pastry, his prom date couldn’t help but publicly call him out on the hilarity. false

Poor guy either legit didn’t know the difference between the a corsage and a croissant, which is adorable, or autocorrect made the mistake for him. Either way, it’s fantastic.

Because who could be mad about bread as an accessory?

The tweet has gone viral since it was posted at the end of April, with almost 13,000 retweets and over 45,000 likes. Because people clearly find the situation hysterical, but also because, as it turns out, confusing “corsage” with “croissant” is a pretty common mistake that has been happening for years. false

So because a mistake like that shouldn’t be wasted, teenagers have been wearing croissants to prom as a joke. And it’s pretty amazing.

The convenience of having a snack at arm’s length (literally) is pretty genius and something we’re 100 percent on board with.


Long live the croissant corsage!