Our favorite holiday of the month, aka Halloween, comes along with the best thing ever — COSTUMES, ya’ll. There’s very little that fills us with childlike glee more than stepping out into the street on Halloween weekend only to see if filled with people in such a wide variety of costumes. Costumes based on television characters, cartoon characters, puns, and all manner of professions — we’ve seen it all. Or, at least, we THOUGHT we’d seen it all, until we saw what this dude stepped out in this year. So, y’know that challenge where people throw a water bottle and try to get it to land upright?

Well, it quickly became a viral craze. People, mostly teens, went wild sharing videos of themselves flipping water bottles and making them land upright. When we first saw this was a thing, we were kinda like “…why?” but once you start scrolling through the videos, you’ll be hooked. It’s kind of mesmerizing.

Naturally, this guy decided to not just be a water bottle for Halloween (unique in and of itself), but he went BIG. Check out this hilarious twitter video where he does the human water bottle flip.

Obviously, his tweet went just as viral as the craze that inspired it. In fact, he even managed to inspire younger generations with his creativity.

We bow to you, Water Bottle Bro.