TBH Target doesn’t have the greatest history with the plus-size community. If we’re keeping track, Target has failed time and time again when it comes to recognizing the shopping needs of women of all sizes. Let’s do a quick refresher so we’re all up to speed. Here are just some examples of how Target has alienated its plus-sized customers in the past:

-That time when Target labelled a plus-size grey dress “manatee grey,” while smaller-sized dresses that were the exact same color were labeled “dark heather grey.”

-That time when, instead of using a plus-size model to advertise a plus-size dress, Target just used a smaller model and stuck a fake pregnant belly on her.

-That time when Target collaborated with Lilly Pulitzer and DID make plus-sizes available (Hurrah!!) but only online, refusing to sell any of the plus-size garments in stores. (Target, NOOOOOO, you were doing SO WELL!)

But, you guys, things are changing, Target is getting its act together and launching a new plus-size clothing line that looks straight-up amaze.

“Ava &Viv” is Target’s first new clothing brand since 2008, and it is 100% dedicated to the plus-size market, with sizes ranging from 14 to 26 and X to 4X. Prices will range from $10 to $79.99, with new pieces added every month. The roll out for this collection will begin in February and March.

Target has enlisted three plus-size fashion bloggers, Nicolette Mason, Gabi Gregg, and Chastity Garner to give them feedback on the line as well as participate in a shoot for Ava and Viv.

It’s important to note that Garner, as a blogger, is responsible for spearheading a boycott against Target for underserving its plus-size guests, so it’s MAJOR that she’s getting onboard for this line. And Garner is also giving two thumbs up for Ava &Viv:

“I feel very youthful in these clothes, very fun, very flirty, when I look in the mirror everything just comes together and looks beautiful on my body type and my shape, and I’m just loving the clothes.”

Nicolette Mason also gave the line major props:

“It’s really wonderful as a consumer to know that a brand is listening . . . I think that the girl who will wear [this line] is a girl who wants to be seen, she wants to be noticed, and she wants to have fun with her clothes.”

Check out the girls singing the line’s praises in the behind-the-scenes vid below:

We are SO GLAD that Target has taken such a major step in the right direction. Nice work, Big T, let’s keep seeing more where that came from.