Credit: Target
Credit: Target

It may finally be time to get over our hatred for jeans, because a new Target campaign seeks to change the way we think about the ~evils~ of denim and how it makes us feel about our bodies. The “Dear Jeans” campaign from Target Style features jeans in a huge variety of styles, cuts, and colors and ranging from 00 to 18. Maybe, just maybe, we might be on our way to the perfect jeans.


As reports, the campaign, modeled by Dulce Candy, Alex Elle, Brittany Sky, Megan Batoon, and Barbie Ferreira, seeks to finally create jeans that won’t make us feel straight up horrible about our bodies. And we are obviously 100% on board. As much as we love living in skirts and leggings, sometimes jeans are the way to go, and it’s just super handy to have a pair that doesn’t make us miserable. Now, jeans that’ll make us happy? That’s a feat, and we’re excited to see if Target can make it happen.

The inside scoop

Target Style wrote, “No denim drama here! With styles for every body, you can find your perfect pair of jeans, #TargetStyle. Shop high-waisted styles, flares, wide-leg crops, boyfriend jeans and more.”

The jeans seriously look *so* good. We love that there’s actually a legit variety of styles available, and that the women look so comfortable in the jeans. The jeans range from about $27 to $78.

Why we’ll love these jeans

Model Dulce Candy explains, “Loved rocking these high waisted flares! I never thought I could pull this style off because I’m petite, but it is possible and felt great!”

Model Alex Elle wrote, “Joining forces with fellow women to have meaningful conversations about body positivity is always a plus. Having @TargetStyle encourage us to use our voices and platforms to speak out about the celebration of self, has been my biggest take away.”

Model Brittany Sky said, “Dressed up or down, these jeans look great and made me feel confident and comfortable.”

“Fun jeans are basically the only thing I’ll have in my closet now even tho they can be wack to find,” Model Barbie Ferreira wrote. “These flares feed into my obsession.”

Model Megan Batoon said, “Thanks @TargetStyle for helping me transition to a Parisian vibe with this dark denim. HOLDIN’ IT DOWN. I couldn’t do it without you.”

We’re *so* excited about giving these jeans a shot, and look forward to spending time in the dressing room and not hating it.