Ashley Rey
Updated Mar 25, 2017 @ 8:32 pm
Credit: Target

Our favorite retailer just announced a groundbreaking change. One-stop-shop Target is debuting a line of nude lingerie and hosiery for all skin tones. And, we can barely contain ourselves. According to reports, the line will hit at the low price point that we all know and love. And, with nudes for more than just one skin color.

We can’t stress enough that “nude” doesn’t mean “creamy shade of beige” for everyone. And Target finally getting this memo makes us want to support them that much more. It’s just something about our favorite retailer projecting inclusiveness that puts us in the feels.

Finally — affordable lingerie in colors that match all skin tones.

Credit: Target

Things are definitely looking up for 2017!

In a press release, Senior Vice President of Apparel and Accessories Michelle Wlazlo had this to say about the launch:

The brand is launching with four shades initially — Cocoa, Honey Beige, Caramel, and Mochaccino. They plan to add a wider range of tones for intimates and hosiery — and even shoes — this fall.