They sold out in just 24 hours, but the antibacterial design is officially back in stock.

Braelyn Wood
Aug 14, 2020 @ 1:11 pm
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sweaty betty face masks, jennifer aniston face masks
Credit: Sweaty Betty

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If you’ve worn a face mask while working out—or even just for a walk around the block—you know the importance of finding a lightweight option that’s actually comfortable. While these breathable picks may not offer as much protection as others, thanks to their looser weave construction, they’re still a huge part of helping slow the spread of coronavirus as gyms start to reopen and public workouts resume.

Luckily, tons of activewear brands, including Koral, have already started meeting the demand for breathable face masks with well-researched designs—and cult-fave British brand Sweaty Betty is the latest to join the movement. Known for fun prints and its Jennifer Aniston-approved leggings, the company spent months developing a comfortable face mask (Buy It, $30 for 3, ) that’s on par with the rest of its top-quality performance lineup.

First launched on July 30, the triple-layered mask is made from a super soft Oeko-tex certified microfiber. (Translation: It’s free of any harsh chemicals and safe for humans). It’s not only washable and reusable, but also features four-way stretch that ensures the mask properly fits your face. Plus, it has adjustable ear straps and a bendable nose wire that allow you to personalize the fit and prevent uncomfortable chafing against the skin. (You can also try this $14 face balm developed to prevent face mask irritation.)

sweaty betty face mask
Credit: Sweaty Betty

Shop it! Sweaty Betty Face Mask, $30 for 3,

Better yet, it’s made with Fuze technology that uses non-ionic silver particles to break down bacteria without chemicals or other harsh substances. That means you can sweat in the mask without worrying about bacterial growth (ew, germs) or a nasty post-workout stench (typically caused by bacteria in sweat). It’s a win for everyone considering hygiene standards have definitely increased in the past six months.

While the masks first sold out within just 24 hours of launching, they restocked earlier this week and are currently available to shop on Sweaty Betty’s website. You can snag a pack of three for just $30—and their sleek all-black design is sure to go with the rest of your workout wardrobe.