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Updated Apr 03, 2014 @ 9:36 am

The buzz of your alarm goes off, and already you are planning the events of the day around when you can slide back into bed, nap and avoid responsibilities. It would be so easy to press snooze and sleep in a few extra minutes. After all, you have that clean pair of sweats and graphic tee you can throw on 20 minutes before class begins. You’ll feel comfortable all day and be ready for that nap at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, these thoughts go through many students’ heads each morning before they begin to check off the many items on their “to-do” lists. But there are so many benefits to ignoring that lazy little voice in your head. Sure, wearing comfortable clothes all day will guarantee the ease of a nap later, but I am here to tell you the benefits of taking a few extra minutes to dress up far outweigh the benefits of throwing on sweatpants and that old baggy sweater.

It Helps You Develop a Routine

Picture this scenario instead: the buzz of your alarm goes off and you roll out of bed, ready to take on the day. A good way to ensure that this becomes a part of your morning routine is to lay out an outfit the night before. A routine is a wonderful way to set your gears in motion and begin the day on the right foot. You will feel awake and alert in no time, and that perfect navy skirt you laid out the night before will boost your confidence and in turn motivation, preparing you for your busy schedule.

It Makes You Feel More Confident

Showing up to class or work feeling confident and motivated is a key step to having a successful day. These traits begin with ourselves; looking in the mirror before walking out of the door can greatly boost our confidence. Your mirror reflection can aid in this; especially if you love the outfit you are in. Feeling confident and comfortable at the beginning of the day will increase your productivity and self-assurance. Instead of sitting in the back, assertively take that front seat for yourself. Show your peers that you look good, you feel good, and you are going to succeed. This inner-confidence will radiate throughout as you put time and a little extra effort into your image.

“Dress For The Job You Want, Not The One You Have”

We have all heard this saying, and it rings true for students, as well. Think about the career you want and how hard you are working now to achieve those goals. How will you dress once you have been elected into your local government, or hired by that marketing firm you have had your eyes on since freshmen year? Dress that way now. Not only will it prepare you for your future career, it will motivate you to continue on your path with ambition and passion which are key characteristics that employers will love.

As a student myself, I have found that nothing prepares me for my day like waking up a few minutes earlier and spoiling myself. Take that extra time to paint your nails, shine your shoes, or perfect your eyeliner. Spend some time appreciating yourself, and once you do, you will feel your confidence and motivation drastically rise. College is a time for making memories and making impressions; do both! After all, we can sleep when we’re dead.

Trista Pruitt is the reigning Queen of Gardner-Webb University. She enjoys shooting apples off of her loyal subject’s heads while brushing up on her Tolkien knowledge and using her grammar knowledge and prowess to help other students perfect the fine art of writing. She also enjoys looking fresh to death and reminiscing on her days spent on a small island across the Atlantic full of castles and rainy streets. You can follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.

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