Gabrielle Porcaro
August 09, 2019 8:45 am
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Even the most fashion-conscious sometimes view jewelry as an afterthought or something you wear 24/7, like tiny hoops and nameplate necklaces. Our jewelry stands often only consist of special occasion, costume-y options or, on the other end of the spectrum, everyday dainty pieces. But it’s time to rethink that and bulk up on more trend-driven necklaces, bracelets, and earrings—without spending a lot of money.

This summer has already been a strong season for accessories, with heart-shaped sunglasses and funky visors as quirky trend revivals. Jewelry had some trending styles as well, in the form of inedible fruits hung from your earlobes. But some trends this summer are destined to be classic and worn for seasons to come. They will, if anything, help you revive your end-of-summer look and make that black sundress you wear three times a week feel new. Check out these under $60 options below.

1 Turquoise Touches


Turquoise is back in more delicate ways, rather than big statement pieces. Paired with gold instead of its usual pal silver, this spike necklace feels light and summery.

2 Pretty Pearls

Astrid & Miyu

If a single pearl strand still feels too stuffy or pearl earrings feel too preppy, put the pearls in your hair. The clip shape feels trendier than a barrette.

3 Statement Hoops


Large hoops already attract attention. The addition of some bold chiffon petals gives you a show stopper.

4 Cool Coins


Medallion pendants have been around for a season or two, and they aren’t going anywhere. Layer these with other thin necklaces in matching metal.

5 Colorful Crystals

Bauble Bar

Jewelry brands are having a ball with rainbow-colored baguettes. They are replacing plain crystals on dangly earrings and slim tennis bracelets. Have fun stacking this technicolor ring in with your solid gold bands.

6 Chunky Chains

Urban Outfitters
$18 Urban Outfitters SHOP IT Opens a new window

All sorts of chains are vying to get on our necks, but this choker length is the one we plan on rocking. The combination of three different styles of links makes this necklace extra special.

7 Shell Jewelry


Shells are having a blast this summer away from the sand and hanging on our ears, necks, and arms. Keep the beach vibes going as long as you can by adding these pukas in with your bangles and string bracelets.

8 Anklets

$45 Roxanne Assoulin SHOP IT Opens a new window

Dress up your ankles while they still get to see the light of day and aren’t hidden by socks. The floral beaded single strand only solidifies this throwback.

9 Hearts


This lovely shape is having a moment. In tortoise, it feels lets quirky and not something you’d only wear on February 14th.