Chloé Campbell
Updated Apr 03, 2014 @ 6:35 am

Today I’ll be showing you a new, popular way of executing a smokey eye look. This new trend of the darker colour being in the corners of the eyelid with a light neutral color in the center is extremely flattering and easy! I will be using matte shades for this look, but it works with any eye shadows.

1. Prime eyelids, and add a beige-y, neutral color to the entire lid. I applied Makeup Academy’s ‘Taffeta’ from their matte ‘Ever After’ palette.

2. Take a taupe, light brown color shadow and blend it into the crease of your eyelid.

3. Using a smaller, flat precise eyeshadow brush, add a darker color to the inner corner of your eyelid. I want to create a blue-y grey look, so I chose Makeup Academy’s ‘Fog’ from their matte ‘Ever After’ palette.

4. Add color to the outer corner, too.

5. If you feel that the neutral color in the middle of the lid has been muddied, you can (using a small, clean, precise brush) add more of the lighter color.

6. Depending on how intense you wish the colors to be, you can keep adding more of the darker color a bit at a time. It’s better to keep adding than to add too much in the first place!

7. To add to the smokey look, you could add some eyeshadow to the waterline like I have done here. For a sharper look, you could add some pencil eyeliner.

This look works well with just mascara, but I always like to add definition, so I drew a thin line of eyeliner along my lash line too!