Gabrielle Porcaro
July 03, 2019 10:00 am
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Asymmetrical USA Swimsuit 

After years of buying a new outfit for New Year’s Eve that I never wore again past the first of the year, I vowed to stop single occasion shopping. And yet every summer, when the Fourth of July comes around, I’m tempted. But while I love America, I still can’t justify buying an American flag-covered romper with matching sneakers, no matter how much of a hit it would be at my friend’s rooftop BBQ. The struggle to go all out is real.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing all Americana red, white, and blue pieces (check out a few fun celebrity patriotic moments), but there are times you don’t feel like mustering the energy to put in your usual 200%. Luckily, stars and stripes are popping up on clothes and accessories in subtle ways. You can easily find pieces that feel appropriate and fashionable for a party that you can also wear to work the following Monday (and not feel like Miss America).

So make some fun jello shots, throw on one of these patriotic pieces, and show up with a smile to celebrate our great nation.

1 Stars Covered Satin Cami


The red and pink combo of this tank is feminine and will still be fun in September on top of a white fitted tee.

2 Long Striped Shirt Dress

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Yes, this might be more than you wanted to spend on a poolside party dress, but we will guarantee that you will be the more festive attendee.

3 Stars in Your Eyes Sunnies


If you want to get a bit bold, pick something that is cheap (like $10 or below) and also removable. You have zero commitment. Plus, these are cute shades to rock for the rest of the summer.

4 Striped Pool Slide


You might have noticed that pool slides have replaced flip-flops. We LOVE the message of this white pair with red and navy accents. These will also work for any nautical excursions you have planned.

5 Simple and Delicate Earrings

Lou & Grey

If you are one to not be super flashy, a simple star dangling from your earlobes works with whatever clothes you feel like wearing that day. These will easily become your everyday small hoops.

6 Wide Stripes Kimono


This might not actually classify as a steal but it is timeless, and will come in handy while watching fireworks when the sun goes down.

7 Asymmetrical USA Swimsuit 


This is super patriotic but still feels fresh and will fit right in the rest of the summer. Try wearing this as a bodysuit with denim cut off shorts.

8 Stripes Covered Scarf


Tied around your ponytail, your neck, or even just the strap of your tote; this red, white, and blue striped tie-anywhere-scarf is foolproof patriotism. It will also come in handy in 2020 with the Olympics and election.