Gabrielle Porcaro
July 19, 2019 8:51 am
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Temperatures are rising, especially for those of us on the East Coast bracing for this upcoming heatwave. Each morning, we spend too much time staring into our closets as we try to figure out how to dress for the summer heat. The answer isn’t just to wear a bikini all day long, even though we love ourselves some affordable swimsuit steals.

Really, the goal is to arrive to work or wherever else you’re heading without boob sweat staining the front of your clothes. It’s about figuring out the best fabrics for hot weather and which styles naturally attract a breeze. We found options to help you get dressed during those hazy, hot, humid summer days. Check out our suggestions, some of which are obvious (when isn’t a slip dress the answer?), and maybe some less obvious, like wearing your favorite lightweight sports bra to work (under your clothes, of course).

Read on to shop our 10 cooling picks below.

1 Linen Dress


The weave of linen allows for more airflow so the piece will stay cool. Also, the stiffness of the material helps to keep it away from your skin.

2 Chambray Top


Chambray often comes in a higher thread count, which means it is a more breathable fabric. Tie the front for a cool look and to get the right length without having to tuck it in. 

3 Wrinkle-Free Dress

Love, Bonito
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This vibrant striped dress is made with wrinkle-free and breathable material and cost under $30. Take it on your upcoming vacation too since it will pack well.

4 Paperbag Shorts


If you can get away with some refined shorts for the office, do it. Your legs will enjoy the freedom and you won’t have to worry about thigh-chafing that can happen with skirts.

5 Slip Dress


When it comes to humidity less is more. A light-colored, long slip dress is a stylish way to wear minimal clothes.

6 Wide-leg Jumpsuit


Jumpsuits not only make getting dressed in the morning easy but also are a simple way to look effortless. In this heat, there’s no need for anything to be fitted, so go a loose leg style.

7 Sports Bra


If you start with a layer made to handle sweat it will wick away moisture just as it would if you were working out. Pick a light color and simple silhouette so it can easily hide under your clothes.

8 Cut-out Jumpsuit 


Like a personal AC system on your back, a cut-out opening helps keep things cool and sweat from dripping down toward your bottom.

9 Slit Skirt


This lightweight rayon skirt keeps things breezy and a little bit sexy. A white or navy tank and neutral accessories will complete the look perfectly.

10 Cotton Tee


Sometimes keeping things basic is the answer. Being that 100% cotton pieces are natural, this will soak up sweat and keep you cool. Plus, the soft fabric will feel good on your skin no matter how dewy it becomes.