Chelsea Duff
Updated Sep 17, 2016 @ 12:02 pm
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Credit: Adobe Stock

Let’s be real: Stock photos are some of the most bizarre, hilarious things we’ve ever seen.

Whether they feature truly incredible photos of cats, revolutionary takes on sex, or just some of our favorite celebrities getting those dollars back in the day, we’re bound to find something that makes us LOL when looking through the archives.

But Adobe wants us to do more than just laugh (and comb through a thousand images for that one normal image we can actually use for work) when we’re dealing with stock photos.

They want us to wear them.

Credit: FOX/

Thanks to Time, we know that Adobe Stock is launching their own line of stock photography inspired fashion.

And honestly? These pieces totally speak to us — especially this one.

Credit: Adobe Stock

Enter Adobe Stock Apparel, “a limited edition clothing line giving a salute to the most infamous stock images creatives love to hate, such as Laughing woman eating healthy vegetable salad and Firm handshake between business associates.

Credit: Adobe Stock

So how do you snag these shirts for yourself?

Sign up! Enterprise customers who register now for an Adobe Stock trial can exclusively order their apparel free of charge (and snag a bonus 50 free photos — double win).

It doesn’t seem like the clothing will be widely available otherwise (boo!), but we know that we’ll be keeping our eyes out just in case. After all, as regular users of stock photography (and women who laugh while eating our salads — doesn’t everyone?), we need this shirt.

Credit: Adobe Stock

Check out the whole lookbook here.