Lindsey Sirera
March 13, 2017 4:24 pm
Photo by Peter White/Getty Images

Vegan and otherwise ethically minded fashionistas, rejoice! Stella McCartney is taking even greater strides to make cruelty-free fashion even more, well, fashionable with the introduction of her new, cutting edge skin-free fabrics.

That means if you’re a fan of Stella’s cult-classic Falabella chain-lined bags or any of her gorgeous leather-esque or suede-like goodies, you’re in for a treat. After showing her latest Fall 2017 collection, the British designer confirmed she’s finally cornered a more premium vegan leather fabric than ever.

And let us be the ones to tell you: Not only is it virtually impossible to tell it’s not leather, it’s cute AF!

Photo by Peter White/Getty Images

“Until recently, I avoided using fake [leather] because it never looked luxurious enough,” McCartney told The Guardian, also voicing concerns that the wrong fake leathers might cheapen her high-end brand.

PPhoto by Estrop/Getty Images

We repeat: This new “skin-free skin” fabric is the stuff of dreams. As in, leather who? With this assortment of luxury goodies to set the tone for the rest of the fashion biz, we think vegan leathers and suedes will no doubt get infinitely chicer across the board.

Photo by Estrop/Getty Images

If you’ve been following Paul McCartney’s daughter’s ascension through the fashion ranks since the house’s inception in 2001, then you already know Stella’s a lifelong vegetarian and advocate for animal rights. Stella’s been a pioneering force in the fashion industry for cruelty-free tactics, and don’t even think about asking her if she’s okay with fur.

Photo by Peter White/Getty Images

Now that Stella’s set the bar sky-high for other ethically conscious fashion brands, we’re totally psyched to see what comes next? Better-than-the-real-stuff faux furs, perhaps? The possibilities are endless!