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A new sports bra was introduced at NYFW, and it might just be the most perfect sports bra ever to exist (if you’re into technologically advanced sports bras, that is). Designer Chromat, along with technology company Intel, has created a sports bra that puts all other basic, boring sports bras to shame. This is great news for women who love wearing sports bras all the time.

What makes this Chromat Aeros sports bra so special, you might be wondering (aside from the super futuristic name, of course)? It can sense the temperature, breathing and perspiration of the person wearing it. So if you start to sweat, the bra will know. Since it’s equipped with Intel technology, the bra automatically opens and closes tiny vents within the band to prevent excessive sweating. That’s right — it’s basically a robot. A robot who knows you probably don’t want boob sweat.

Chromat has some pretty high powered sports bra-wearers who stand behind the architectural sportswear line. Madonna, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are all fans of the designer. We aren’t sure how comfortable the bra is, but it certainly looks alright.

According to Refinery29, the sports bra is “trimmed with tiny blue lights and uses an Intel-designed module, Curie, which picks up on sweat-detecting sensors and makes minuscule vents in the bra’s band open or close.” Sounds like the coolest bra (literally).

We’ve never considered that not having boob sweat while working out could be an option, but we’re definitely really happy this futuristic bra is now a thing of the present.

(Featured image via Twitter)