Just when I thought I couldn’t get enough of Solange’s all-white wedding spectacular, I stumbled across this picture. An innovative fan recreated the now iconic photo of all three Knowles women and some of their closest female pals in a fierce, forward-facing pose. Oh, did I mention, they’re all dolls? I love how both Solo and Bey’s dolls bear an uncanny resemblance to the superstar sisters—their outfits are on-point and obviously hand-made with love. Seriously, this picture is like adult and childhood dreams combined.

Solange was pretty psyched about the photo herself. She Instagrammed the picture and offered a hug to the person who created it. That person, by the way, was shrouded in mystery until cracked the code. The picture is by a Swedish magazine editor named Ronny Larsson, who just happens to have the most amazing Instagram account ever. At his homebase of @ADollWorldAfterAll you’ll find all kinds of doll reenactments— inspired by everything from Miley Cyrus to the Real Housewives.

“I wanted to recreate 24 of the most memorable things that had happened during 2014—pop culture things that we have talked a lot about or that have made an impact in social media,” he told Larsson gets his dolls from eBay and flea markets and makes almost all of the clothes himself with a sewing machine. Now he’s focused on recreating a scene from the movie Gone Girl and something from Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video.

But back to the original Solange picture, which totally inspired Larsson to get doll-making. “I just love that picture with all the women. So strong, so powerful and yet so peaceful,” he said. Solange sent the love right back, writing on his Instagram: “Your work touched and warmed my heart so much.”

And that’s why the Internet is the BEST.