Karen Fratti
Updated Aug 06, 2017 @ 11:43 am
2017 Black Girls Rock!
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Leave it to Solange to show the world that being a queen doesn’t mean you always have to be buttoned up in sometimes uncomfortable, but very fashionable, couture. This weekend, Solange’s BET Black Girls Rock outfit was totally on point. She wore a sheer sweater with a bralette underneath, paired with a pair of black windbreaker-style track pants. Worn with simple black boots and ManeManeStudio yellow tinted glasses, the singer-songwriter looked chic AF.

To be honest, this all-black ensemble is a perfect fall look; with the right shoes, it could definitely be tailored for the office, or dolled up with some heels and accessories for a Saturday night.

We already knew Solange was the epitome of cool, but this weekend her look was super fitting as she accepted the BET Black Girls Rock 2017 Rockstar Award. She spent the night totally enjoying herself in the crowd, seated with husband Alan Ferguson, son Julez, diplomat Sid Williams, and Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, who won the Social Humanitarian award.

Seriously, who knew windbreaker pants could look so HOT?

Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

They’re flattering from all sides.

Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Solange accepted her award from the CEO of Black Girls Rock, Beverly Bond. To hear her speech and all the other fun stuff, fans will just have to wait until August 22nd to tune into the show on BET.

Although we know Solange has awesome taste, she now works with stylist Peju Famojure, who has worked in the industry for ages on the editorial side — so she knows a LEWK when she sees it. Before working with Famojure, though, Solange used to be styled by Shiona Turini, who once told The New York Times that the singer and icon doesn’t even need a stylist.

We sort of just assumed that, too. In fact, Turini explained in 2015 that their partnership was more of a fashion collaboration.

“She has the final decision on anything. And there is no way me or anyone else is going to get her to wear something she doesn’t want to wear,” Turini said. And Solange looks for things that “speak” to her instead of looking for the “right” labels or brands to rock.

Which reminds us: BRB because we’re off to scour our closets to see if we still have some Adidas windbreaker pants to style for ourselves. Leave it Solange to remind us how much we loved them.