Olivia Harvey
December 01, 2016 11:14 am
Getty Images / Donna Ward

After the release of her album, Seat at the Table,  Solange Knowles ascended to the level of fashion goddess. The indie fashion in her videos is essentially wearable art. So we always love seeing her refreshingly different sartorial choices. Knowles’ attended the “Ailey and Jazz” 2016 Opening Night Gala last night wearing a gown that emulates that unique simplicity seen in her videos. And even though she’s completely covered, Knowles still looks sexy AF.

She accessorized her metallic white turtleneck dress with silver pointed-toe heels and a silver clutch. The dress hugs the singer’s curves, but the excess fabric flows from the side seams and sleeves. The whole thing is truly heavenly.

Getty Images / Donna Ward

And we love how this ensemble is a total showstopper from the back, too. The front is flowy and white, but when she turns around…the back is a tight, bodycon black dress. It’s like a different outfit entirely!

Getty Images / Aurora Rose

From this angle, the front of the dress looks more like a long jacket worn backwards. The whole look is bit of a head-scratcher, but we love it.

Looking sexy while remaining covered up is not as tricky as some may think. Sticking with pieces that hug your curves will always amp up the sexiness of any outfit. Making those pieces metallic or glittery in some way, will also boost the allure-level, because the shiny fabric will catch the light.

Getty Images / Johnny Nunez

Then it’s all about knowing that you look real good. Take a cue from Solange. Once you radiate confidence, everyone else will pick up on what you’re putting down.