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The fashion industry is notoriously exclusive. It’s no secret that plus-size women struggle to find clothes that fit their curves, and shoppers are often hard-pressed to find models that look like them. However, renegade clothing line, SmartGlamour, promises to offer clothing for everyone, and they mean everyone. On January 10th the Queens-based brand revamped their website to exclusively feature trans and gender non-conforming models. This is part of the inclusive, affordable, and ethical brand’s #AllMeansAll campaign which vows to feature underrepresented and marginalized identities throughout 2017. Good timing, eh?

In the past year, the fashion and beauty industries have made some strides in improving trans visibility. Diesel featured two trans models in a recent ad campaign and many transgender and gender-fluid models strutted the catwalk in 2016’s NYFW. However, SmartGlamour’s commitment to representing a diverse group of models is seriously something special.

A brand that shines a light

On a recent blog post the brand’s founder, Mallory Dunn, wrote:

Dunn also makes sure to clarify that their goals are all about inclusivity and not exploitation. She writes:

We need this now more than ever

While the fashion industry has made progress in representing diverse models and customers, they still have a long way to go. According to Bustle, based on the Spring 2017 fashion shows only 23.35 percent of the models in those shows are nonwhite, and even worse, less than 1 percent of the models were transgender or plus-size. With statistics like those, SmartGlamour’s ardent dedication to making clothes in a wide range of sizes and representing models of marginalized groups is all the more revolutionary.

Widespread violence against the trans community and normalized micro-aggressions indicate that we really do have a long way to go. According to the Human Rights Campaign, 90 percent of transgender-identifying people report harassment in the workplace. While it doesn’t solve all our problems (we wish it could) SmartGlamour is doing its part to celebrate this marginalized group, and we’re so glad.

From the looks of SmartGlamour’s Facebook album showcasing the gender-inclusive photoshoot, all of the models were feeling themselves and looking amazing. Who doesn’t want to sashay and shanté for the camera?