Kit Steinkellner
Updated Dec 24, 2016 @ 8:58 am
simone biles belize
Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram

While many of us are freezing our butts off here in the Northern Hemisphere, Simone Biles is having the tropical vacation of our DREAMS. She doesn’t say in her to-die-for Instagrams where she’s hiding out for the holidays, but we did a little internet digging, and it looks like Biles is spending this week in Belize.

As NBC Sports reports, Simone Biles holds dual citizenship in Belize and the United States and she calls Belize her “second home.”

Biles says she plans on getting married one day in the gorgeous Central American country. We totally get it. Belize seems about as dreamy as second homes get. Especially during the holiday season when it’s pretty flipping chilly in the United States and basically paradise in her “second home”

Oh, also, on Thursday Belize City had a motorcade in which Biles was the highlight, because when Simone comes to visit, you better roll out the red carpet in her honor.

During her trip, Biles posted a pic of the ocean that made us gasp and wish that summer would hurry its butt along, we miss beach days!

She’s also giving us major summer fashion goals with her double shot of her summertime-in-December outfits. In one, she’s wearing a killer white lace halter and shorts. In the other, a bikini that’s giving us all the swimsuit goals.

Can the mismatched bikini top and bottom trend never end? Please? It is so adorably devil-may-care and Biles wears the trend like a dream here. The black bikini top has such great visual interest with the criss-crossing detail, and the bottoms are the perfect shade of electric pink.

We are totally ready to bite Miss Biles’ style come summer and wear this exact look on the beach. June, our dear friend, you seriously cannot come soon enough.