Sarah Terry
Updated Dec 05, 2016 @ 2:54 pm
5th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony
Credit: C Flanigan / Getty

We’re never surprised when seeing floral inspirations on the red carpet, because they’re stunning. But it’s rare that we see a gown that so perfectly encapsulates the beauty of a flower. But this weekend, we saw the most perfect floral-inspired gown. Sienna Miller hit the red carpet for the Breakthrough Awards, which celebrates major accomplishments in science, and her dress made her look like a walking pink flower. The star of Foxcatcher and The Lost City of Z, of course, always looks stunning, but in this dress was particular perfection.

This rose-colored gown made Sienna Miller look like a flower gliding across the red carpet, and we love it.

Credit: C Flanigan / Getty

The shimmering floral fabric is stunning, but the overlay of graphic pink lake truly makes this gown special. The lace gives the gown texture and dimension in a way that makes it feel like Sienna is wearing flower petals.

The neckline of the dress with its tulle details enhances the ethereal quality.

Credit: C Flanigan / Getty

The lovely tulle detail ruffles around her shoulders and frames her face as the center of the beautiful flower that she is. Plus, this closer look gives a better view of the details in the beautiful rose overlay.

We can imagine Sienna floating like a flowery fairy through the air.

But Sienna gliding down the red carpet in that dress is even better!