Credit: Selena Gomez / / Coach

When we first saw the stunning shots of Selena Gomez in her recent Coach campaign, we were instantly in love with the styling from head to toe. Now you can find your inner Selena because Coach is having a huge sale, putting a lot of previously unattainable products in our reach. Not only did Selena look divine rocking her Pat McGrath makeup, her entire outfit and all her accessories are completely gorgeous.

Whether you’re a total handbag person or you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect new wallet, your time has come to indulge in some ultra-classy and gorgeous goodies. Look away, bank account, this is for our own good.

We’ve got 12 lovely items from the Coach sale you might want to get your hands on to channel Selena Gomez’s gorgeous photos.

1Key Pouch in Polished Pebble Leather, $25

Credit: Coach

Stick your keys and some cash in this cute purse, and you’re ready for just about anything without having to be weighed down by a big bag.

2Cosmetics Case 17 in Daisy Field Printed Coated Canvas, $32.50

Credit: Coach

Inspired by vintage 1930s paper patterns, this lovely bag is perfect for on-the-go makeup, whether you’re traveling or just want to be ready for midday touch-ups.

3Daisy Rivet Stud Earrings, $32.50

Credit: Coach

How sweet and sunny are these lovely earrings? They’re the perfect subtle summer accessory, and you can’t go wrong with Swarovski crystals.

4Flat Card Case with Embroidery, $37.50

Credit: Coach

This is an adorable way to stash your cards and cash, and we love that rainbow. Perfect for Pride month, even if it is wrapping up.

5Pave Horse and Carriage Ring Set, $47.50

Credit: Coach

Don’t you love this trio of stackable, mix-and-match rings? They’ve even got a cute little nod to the original Coach logo.

6Small Wallet in Polished Pebble Leather, $62.50

Credit: Coach

The rivets give this feminine and cute wallet a bit of an edge, don’t you think?

7Nolita Wristlet 19, $75-$150 depending on the color

Credit: Coach

A wristlet never goes out of style, we remember saving our pennies for a similar Coach wristlet back in the early aughts.

8Crossbody Clutch, $82.50

Credit: Coach

This lightweight clutch will carry all your essentials and leave your hands free for summertime activities.

9New York Square Sunglasses, $85

Credit: Coach

These durable lenses are not only hot as hell, they’ve also got scratch resistant lenses so you know they’ll last a long time.

10Coach Swagger 15 Bag, $125

Credit: Coach

This lovely, timeless bag is made of Coach’s classic pebble leather, and it looks polished and edgy all at once.

11Delancey Gold Tone Watch, $125

Credit: Coach

This elegant and timeless watch adds a beautiful pop of color to your wrist thanks to the leather strap.

12Mini Campus Backpack, $147.50

Credit: Coach

Hop on the mini-backpack trend with this adorable blue bag.

And there you have it! There are plenty of little touches we can add to an ensemble that are evocative of Coach’s timeless style and that make us feel truly fancy and special — just like Selena.