Gabriela Herstik
Updated Jul 31, 2017 @ 5:49 pm

We’ve all been there, stressed out of our minds looking for the perfect baby shower gift. What do you give to a human who doesn’t exist yet? Yes, we could always give the mom something, but what about the baby? The soon-to-be little one deserves swag too! Well, Freshly Picked just restocked their Care Bears shoe collab, so now you can buy that perfect baby shower gift and know that no one else will have bought the same thing. The moccasin shoe brand has brought back their bright, cartoon-inspired collection. We can’t get enough.

Whether you have a Grumpy Bear who would rock blue shoes with a storm cloud on them, or a Funshine Bear, who’s more apt to wear a yellow moccasin with a smiling sun, these shoes will make you smile too.

So while everyone else at the baby shower will be bringing diapers, rattles, and baby clothes galore, you can rest assured knowing you’re giving the mama-to-be something that will put a little pep in her step; or at least a pep in her little one’s step. And if you really want to be the star of the show, pair these shoes with a matching Care Bear costume to really make a statement.

These bad boys only cost $60 a pop, so shopping for a baby has never been so easy or looked so cute! These shoes will be available in retailers like Nordstrom in the fall, and they’re currently available on Freshly Picked’s online store. So hurry, these are sure to go fast.