Olivia Harvey
Updated Aug 28, 2017 @ 1:02 pm
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Zara boots
Credit: Zara

We all have them — our go-to boots that we wear with all of our fall outfits. They’re brown, they’re knee-high, and honestly, they’re kind of bland. It’s time to change up our fall boot game and take the plunge into the more colorful, statement-making side of life.

Whether you’re into a modern, loud look or if you’re someone who enjoys dressing with understated sophistication, there’s a colorful boot to suit your style. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best, most affordable fall boot options to brighten up your wardrobe and kick those boring brown knee-highs to the curb (or just to the back of the closet for a while).

1ASOS RELIEVE Suede Buck Ankle Boots, $95

Credit: ASOS

Rustic and rust-colored — two of our favorite descriptors in one boot. Amazing.

2Dr. Martens Pascal Glitter 8-Eye, $120

Credit: Zappos

These beauties have Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century written all over them.

3H&M Knee-High Boots in Plum, $59.99

Credit: H&M

These leggy high-heeled boots are a subtle pop of color that’s shades better than your go-to brown. Moving onwards and upwards.

4Zara Flat Velvet Ankle Boots, $89.90

Credit: Zara

Whether you’re a Victorian lady of the house or diamond-obsessed lady of the apartment, you need these boots in your life.

5Forever 21 Star Printed Faux Suede Boots, $27.93

Credit: Forever 21

Whoever said Millennial pink was out for fall is dead wrong. Long live Millennial pink!

6Dolls Kill Y.R.U. Cosmic Aura Boot, $82

Credit: Dolls Kill

These holographic boots are seriously out of this world.

7Zara Sateen Pointed Ankle Boots,$55.90

Credit: Zara

That’s it! We’re deleting our dating apps. Love is real and comes in the form of hot pink booties.

8Jeffrey Campbell + Free People Jagger Boot in Red, $168

Credit: Free People

Also available in black, silver, white, pink, and blue — an entire rainbow of Jagger boots. It’s heaven!

9Forever 21 Glitter Sock Boots, $33.60

Credit: Forever 21

When you’re a witch who only wears black, but who also likes to frequent the discotheque every once in a while.

10Forever 21 Satin Over-the-Knee Boots in Royal, $68

Credit: Forever 21

These definitely aren’t for everybody…but they are cool AF.

11Zara Beaded Velvet Ankle Boots, $65.90

Credit: Zara

Pearls, they wanna have fu-un!

12ASOS Athlete Hiker Boots in Lilac, $56

Credit: ASOS

Wear these for work and then for play.

13Forever 21 Sequined Over-the-Knee Boots, $68.60

Credit: Forever 21

These boots inform everyone that you’re loud, proud, and ready to boogie down.

14Zara Bejeweled Satin Ankle Boots, $99.90

Credit: Zara

Ever wonder what an entire cocktail party outfit would look like in a single shoe? Here’s your answer.

15H&M Ankle Boots in Leopard, $49.99

Credit: H&M

Because everybody has a wild side.

Enough with the same old, same old. Out with the old brown go-tos and in with the colorful and iridescent new.