Jennifer Romolini
Updated Jun 04, 2014 @ 4:37 pm

Earlier this week, I was about to post our “item of the day.” I had a whole idea around loafers, not the stiff-structured put-a-penny-in-them kind, but the soft kind that look like slippers, with whimsical cats or bees or cameos atop the toes. I’d seen a girl wearing them the day before, she was bounce-walking and talking with a guy, wearing a perfect-summer dress, her hair in an Elsa braid. She looked so cute and so herself and so happy and I loved her madly.

But then Blaire, who is HelloGiggles’ director of video (have you seen her about a billion good video finds?) and also my work spirit animal, looked up from her computer and said something smart: “You do realize you always write about flats. People like heels. You should write about something with a heel sometimes.”

Then she sent me a link to these jellies and then to another pair of these jellies and then another. Then she told me this, which I transcribed, because (ahem) Blaire, the director of video, is busy with video:

“They’re sturdy, but fun. They’re close-toed, but still good for summer because they’re open and airy. You can wear them on the beach. You can wear them on the grass. You can wear them go-cart racing like I did this weekend [Ed note: Blaire is awesome and does cool things]. They come in a lot of colors. You can wear them ‘day to night’ and they show that you don’t take yourself too damn seriously and they have a little heel so you feel tall.”