63rd Annual Ad Council Public Service Award Dinner
Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Given that our current political environment isn’t very favorable towards women, it’s important to identify small wins all around us. For example: Sheryl Crow has an empowering clothing line, and it definitely makes us happy. Not only are we going to have access to great clothing, Sheryl’s line also has a pretty sweet price point!

If you thought that Sheryl Crow was “just” an incredible musician, think again! Her new line of clothing will be dropping through HSN on April 13. Maybe you can even wear them during an upcoming rebirth of Lilith Fair! Or maybe you just want to look great on your way to the grocery store. No matter what, Sheryl’s line promises to have her signature chill but rockin’ it style.

The line has “easy-to-wear styles, for the everyday girl, with a rock n’ roll twist.” And no one knows more about rock n’ roll than Sheryl Crow. She is still touring all over the country and putting out records.

In her interview with People, Sheryl said:

Meaning not only will you get a kick-ass outfit, you’ll also get to enjoy some of Sheryl’s lyrics.

Sheryl gets it! No one has unlimited money to burn, but we still want to look great. This empowering clothing line will be a great source of pride for the next four years.