Selena Gomez's high-collared, red Valentine's Day dress even featured a TIE

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Valentine’s Day can be stressful, but one of the things we will always love about it is that the theme is RED. It’s a super sexy color that happens to look great in clothing form, especially on one of our favorite gals!

Prepare yourself, because Selena Gomez just won Valentine’s Day in this sophisticated red dress.

It’s a Givenchy minidress to be exact, and we just dig the long sleeves and slit up the side. You have to look closely at the photo, because the dress includes a high collar and an unusual element that screams Valentine’s Day perfection: A red tie!

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Yup, no caption necessary — she looks slick, and also she’s totally radiating happiness. See those strappy Gianvito Rossi heels? Hmmm…they suggest she was headed to a party! Gomez keeps her private life very private these days, but maaaaaybe she was stepping out for a romantic evening with The Weeknd? Or maybe her gal pals? Where ever she was headed, she looked amazing.

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While most of us are just getting into the groove of 2017, Gomez is having a stellar year so far. She’s an executive producer on the upcoming Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, based on a young adult novel…


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…And her new single It Ain’t Me drops this Thursday! As in tomorrow.

#ItAintMe. Thursday. @kygomusic

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Feeling so grateful for Selena Gomez right now. And you know what? We officially need more red in our lives! It’s just so vibrant and feel-good. Keep inspiring us with your daring style and go-getter attitude, girl!

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