As Seen on TV: Sochi 2014 Olympics

This week’s remake is a little different from the rest of the As Seen on TV posts that have been posted because we’ve had a slight hiatus of new shows while the Olympics have been on! (No new shows, no new shows, no new shows – can’t get that Drake “No New Friends” song out m’head so I’m singing it with all sorts of new lyrics.) Last time, we created a Mona Lisa Saperstein, fab fringed sweatshirt from Parks and Rec, so with the Closing Ceremonies airing this weekend, why not make a goodbye Sochi piece to celebrate!

I’m an Olympics addict. I’m obsessed with Slope Style/Skating/Luge, obsessed with the weird Sochi haps (wild dogs, breaking out of hotel room doors, Bob Costas’ eyes), and obsessed with Johnny Weir/Tara Lipinski’s matching outfits. This Olympics has been a fun one.

The rings!

After seeing the rings on-screen all the time, they’ve been lasered into my head (along with John Williams’ theme song that I can’t stop singing it after every commercial break!) and I came up with a fun project to show my Olympic spirit!

It’s necklace time!!

Start with five key rings

5 Golden Ringsssss!

…and create the five ring formation, attaching the rings to each other.

Ring formation

Grab embroidery floss in each of the five ring colors (blue, black, red, yellow and green)…

Like a floss.

…and start wrapping.

I began with the ring all the way to the left and used the floss in blue to match the actual Olympic rings.  I kept the floss in place by putting it at the ring opening and then added E-6000 glue to really secure.

Add floss to the ring

Wind and weave the floss all the way around the rings and then trim and secure the end with glue.

Continue this method for each of the rings.

Top row finished!

Once all the rings are finished…

All done!

Use a jump ring to connect some craft chain (you can get both of these at your local craft store or Amazon) to each of the rings at the end – the blue and the red.

Connect Four!

Once the chain is connected, add a spring ring clasp to one of ends of the chain.

New clasp

How ’bout them rings?!?!

Olympic Rings Necklace!

It was like my gold medal!

Stay tuned for more As Seen on TV posts!

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