Karen Fratti
September 13, 2017 6:11 am

Artists often see potential where us regular folks can’t, but sometimes art can be really confusing. Sort of like these Calvin Klein see-through sweaters that are selling for $2,000. It’s not so much the price that has us scratching our heads, though. High fashion often means high prices — it’s not exactly a shocker. What’s so surprising is how Calvin Klein’s designers found a way to make a comfy sweater so sheer. Aren’t sweaters, by definition, made of heavy, cozy material?

We’re so intrigued by this LEWK.

The front and back panels are made of a combination of textiles (75 percent polyamide, 25 percent elastane, according to retailer Ssense) that make the sweater actually see-though. Like, #FreeTheNipple see-through. And then there are two arms made of 100% wool. It’s made in Italy, so maybe that has something to do with it? Honestly, we really don’t know.

The Multicolor Wool Cheerleader Sweater is being sold on Ssense for €1,180, which is just over $2,100. However, it’s sold out! Which only adds to the mystery…who in the world is wearing this? And what are they pairing it with? You can’t really wear it to the club or something, because, hello, wool sleeves. It’s also not exactly office appropriate because, well, nipples.

Here’s the front…


And the back.


Maybe if the model looked happier to be wearing it, we’d be more convinced?

This is just the latest addition to a long line of nearly naked looks in fashion. Remember the open butt pants? Or the clear knee mom jeans? Or even this past week when Kim Kardashian attended NYFW in nothing but a black thong, see-through black tights, and a bandeau top? It may sound crazy to us mere mortals, but paired with a fitted leather jacket, Kim looked LEGIT.

So maybe this see-though trend thing is something we should all consider as we plan our fall wardrobes. Just maybe not this particular sweater.