Google fashion We Wear Culture
Credit: Google Arts & Culture

Fashion and style lovers, we urge you to take a seat. And next, a deep breath, because everything is about to change, thanks to Google. The search engine has just revolutionized the way you learn fashion history, thanks to its “We Wear Culture” project. Now you can search more than 30,000 fashion pieces from over three millennia at the click of a finger.

As part of Google’s Art & Culture platform, We Wear Culture partnered with over 180 museums, schools, fashion institutions, and other organizations from around the world to bring you a search engine specifically geared for fashion and fashion history.

This means that you not only get access to museum archives and photos, but you also get access to articles and curated exhibitions specifically for the site.

The “We Wear Culture” platform even works with Google Streetview to give users a more immersive experience.

Credit: Google Arts & Culture

According to Business of Fashion, Google Arts & Culture program manager Kate Lauterbach said,

The premise of the site is the story behind what we wear, and how fashion and style have evolved to further tell the story of the zeitgeist. Want to know about the Antwerp Six? Or about Vivienne Westwood’s “boucher” corset? This platform can help you do just that.

Credit: Google "We Wear Culture"

This is a game-changer for fashion lovers and professionals alike, in that it places 3,000 years of fashion history at your fingertips. And since the platform is so beautifully constructed and easy to use, you won’t even feel like you’re learning.

We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in this site and get sucked down the rabbit hole of weird and wonderful sartorial choices. Thanks, Google!