When you think of Sarah Jessica Parker, you think of glamor and fashion. So, it makes sense that this incredible actress created her own line of footwear. What people are a little concerned over is that Sarah Jessica Parker might not know what sneakers are. The shoes she has affectionately labeled as sneakers look more like a glittery sandal than anything else. And they come with a hefty $255 price tag. Maybe we are just not fashion forward enough to get it.

In addition to being named after its creator and founder, the SJP Collection features the Meteor shoe. Take a look for yourself and decide whether or not it’s a sneaker.

Not the first time we’ve wondered if something was a sneaker or not.

Honestly, after the Five Finger Shoe came out, a lot of people were wondering if they qualify as sneakers.

Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes are just like those? As in, it will take us a while to get on board but then suddenly it will become socially acceptable to wear those all the time? We’re not fortune tellers but we have all the faith in the world when it comes to SJP and her style.

So much sparkle!

These little guys are very eye-catching. Glitter causes a lot of attention to come its way. SJP couldn’t help but gush about it in the caption section of her Instagram post:

SJP definitely has a point here. There’s something to be said for undoubtedly fancy shoes that can go to just about any event, without being massive stilettos or platforms. We think you’re on to something, Sarah; they might not be sneakers, but they’re starting to sound very worth the price!