sarah jessica parker
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Sex and the City fans, prepare to be jealous to the max, because three brides were surprised with a whole bunch of wedding shoes by none other than Carrie Bradshaw — sorry, we mean, Sarah Jessica Parker.

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In a promo for her new shoe line, SJP Collection, with Brides magazine, Sarah showed up at the famous bridal boutique Kleinfeld to let the brides pick a pair of their dream shoes. The three brides *thought* they were just filming a video that was about trying on wedding garb, but little did they know that they were about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

As the women surveyed their beautiful dresses, a Kleinfeld employee told them that she’d be right back with the shoe specialist. . . which turned out to be Sarah Jessica Parker with a cartful of shoes. “I am your sales associate and shoe expert,” Sarah said, with a big smile on her face.

“Stop playing, oh my god,” one woman said. “WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!” another yelled. Fair reactions, TBH.

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Once the brides-to-be were able to catch their breath, Sarah proved her “shoe expert” status by helping them pick their perfect wedding shoes out of her (totally gorg) line.

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The whole video is just warm and fuzzy. Sarah, can you surprise us at *all* our life events? Please and thank you.