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Sarah Hyland is mostly known (and loved by us) for her fantastic acting chops, savvy fashion sense, and mad flexing skeelz. Well, now we can add comedian and Halloween lover to her list of memorable traits:

Wow, those are some seriously creepy fake intestines! This is Game of Thrones-level gore, and it’s just a little on the icky side! Of course, the song helps complete the spooky factors (in case you wondered, it’s an old jazz standard called “Big Spender.”)

Also, we love the caption under Sarah Hyland’s creepy vid.

Who doesn’t appreciate a good word pun? Well played, Sarah! We love your guts, too. Now our only question is where did you find this awesome costume, and when do we get to see you wear it next? It’s positively gory!

Of course, Sarah has had a lot of practice with Halloween fun!

It’s been a running joke on Modern Family for years that Sarah’s character, Haley, is the unimpressed daughter of two very nutty Halloween enthusiasts. But the Dunphy’s don’t always agree with Haley’s idea of what’s appropriate Halloween attire.

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But it looks like she and her TV parents finally have found some common holiday ground.

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Sarah’s currently been filming Modern Family and the Dirty Dancing reboot. We can’t wait to see her shine in both!